What I’ve Been Up To Lately

So, I mentioned a while back that I was very busy with a new, double-secret project. Still am. Despite having all of my time utterly monopolized by various projects and responsibilities, I am enjoying myself 100% of the time, which I think is just about as good as it gets. I was just about to watch a movie, but got into doing more work on said project, and figured I’d take a break by writing a post. So, what exactly (or not so exactly) have I been up to lately? Well, a short list looks like this:

  1. Getting better at git. I have had an account for about 18 months, but never really bothered to do any better than downloading interesting projects either directly from the site or through the decidedly limited GUI. Yeah, I wasn’t really cloning (at least not properly) or anything like that. So, one day I decided to get down to brass tacks, fired up iTerm 2, and got myself squared away. This was also a good thing because I fixed a problem that was created sometime during my setup, wherein I apparently generated four .rsa keys. No good: I constantly had problems with the GUI syncs, and trying to do anything git related from the command line pretty much resulted in Github telling me to go to hell. So that’s fixed.
  2. Speaking of fixed, I replaced the starter in my car yesterday. I tried to do some of the work while at work (which is where the car failed to start) on Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately it was 20 or so degrees out, and Kansas is the third-windiest state in the US, so I only managed an hour or so each day. If you’ve ever tried to work on a car’s engine out in the freezing, windy world, you’ll understand why I didn’t get much work done on those two days. Yesterday was comparatively gorgeous, topping out at around 50 with almost no wind, and all sunshine. That’s 2 of 2 cars that died since we’ve been here in Wichita. Score: Howard: 2 Cars: 0.
  3. Coloring with my boy. He’s very into drawing/coloring lately, which means I am into the same thing. My wife is a bona fide genius regarding this latest developmental change: she taped packing paper all over the floor of his playroom so that almost wherever he turns he can color/draw. I liken this to when you’re house training a puppy and have newspaper all over: it mitigates some of the collateral damage incurred by the learning process, while also helping them understand where it’s cool to do their thing.

There you go. That’s what popped into my head, and represents some of the very interesting things happening that do not involve work, research, coding, or anything else related to the Big Business Project Thing that I’m doing. Which I will hopefully be gushing about sometime around October of this year. Stay tuned!


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