The Upcoming DSM–5: In Distress(?)

I’ve attended three or four seminars/lectures about the upcoming DSM–5 over the past couple of years. I’ve been to the workgroup web site, and have sort of kept pace with the proposed changes. The time for its release, slated for May 2013, is rapidly approaching. There are some fairly substantial changes in this version, as there usually are, and such changes always come with various concerns from members of the treatment community. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have some concerns of my own. I’ll have to contend with the new DSM, my concerns, and what it means for patient care right as I begin to come into my own as a practitioner. Good times.

This article in Psychology Today (not something I often read, but I stumbled across this one) addresses some concerns as put forth by Allen Frances, MD. Some of Dr. Frances’s concerns echo some of my own, and those of many others, to be sure. I won’t muckrake, though – I’ll leave it to you to read the article for yourself to look at some of these. Before you do, please understand that while Dr. Frances makes some accurate, objective observations, some points (indeed, the title of the article itself: “DSM–5 in Distress”) may be slightly sensationalized. You can’t fault the guy, though. After all, when you feel strongly about something, you should write in a way that reflects that. You know, glass houses and all that.


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