Rockin’ it in Wichita

So I’ve finally settled here in Wichita with my wife and new baby boy. My brothers and I arrived about a week before they did, as I wanted to knock out all of the heavy moving and lifting so the house would be settled when they got here. With my brothers’ help, I got one of my three shipping containers unloaded. The other two containers were delayed thanks to help from hurricane Irene. Unloading those two by myself was extra fun since Wichita had one of the hottest summers on record since 1936. The week I was here by myself, daily temperatures were hitting over 100 degrees fahrenheit; it was 108 two days in a row.

Anyhow, I am now settled (as I noted) and am enjoying my new job as the first year Neuropsychology Fellow at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, Wichita. I have been training for this job for years and years. Also, Wichita is a pretty nice town, and the fam and I are having quite a time exploring and enjoying…respectably good driving (compared to South Florida, almost anything is good. Safe, minimally).

As of October 1, 2011, I will officially begin studying for my licensure exam as a professional psychologist. With the new baby, new job, new city, and new thing to study for, I am probably going to be hanging up my Dynamo spurs, at least for the next few months. This hiatus will include not only the writing I do for this blog (minimal though it may be), but my side job over at the Buddin Research Dynamo as well. I’ll still be doing research at my day job, but I just can’t see having the time to devote to helping others with their research and keeping up with my own, recreational writing in addition to working and having fun with my family. Sad but true. Okay, so not really sad, but definitely true.

So, for the very, very few readers of this blog: thanks for reading! There is the chance I’ll get in some short, one-off posts like my two most recent ones here and here, but for the next couple of months I’m headed underground.

Until March 2012 or so –


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