Why Isn’t My Local Apple Store Pushing Final Cut Pro X?

I just went to the Apple store here in Fort Lauderdale to get a new battery for my late 2008 MacBook Pro. This was to be my third battery overall, and second one this year. I got a new one in February of this year, but after only 71 cycles, the health had dropped precipitously in the last week to roughly 70%. I take a sample at least once a month of my battery health and number of cycles. I have since I got my machine in May 2009, and it has allowed me to get a free, no-hassles, no questions asked replacement battery each time.

What was interesting about my trip, however, is the 1/2 hour I spent prior to my appointment tooling around on various devices and computers. Of the three computers I jumped on, none of them had the new and heavily maligned Final Cut Pro X installed on it. When I asked the Genius assigned to me whether or not any of the machines had it installed, he replied that he didn’t know. He knew that they kept their products pretty well updated, and surmised that one of them must have it installed. He also knew that FCPX had only been out for about a week, and perhaps this was the reason the machines weren’t updated. It seems unfortunate that, given all of the negative press that FCPX has received (including this rip from Conan O’Brien), Apple has not made sure its stores have their machines up-to-date so that they might at least be trying to sell their new “professional” video editor.


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