A special thanks to Dr. Gus Buchtel of the University of Michigan – VA Ann Arbor for pointing this one out. In a previous post, I mistakenly used the word “penultimate”, which means ‘next to last’, instead of “ultimate”, which means ‘ultimate’. This is a small example of the peer review process, which is central to rigorous scientific publication. I won’t hash out all the details here. Instead, I’ll point you towards another post that explains the process sufficiently. In short, peer review helps to ensure that you have conducted sound research and that you have at least a moderately sufficient command of the English language.

In closing, Dr. Buchtel really did a service by googling me right after I applied to his program, checking out the blog, and pointing out a slight misstep in word usage. One can only hope that this does not adversely affect one’s standing in the eyes of a certain selection committee at a truly excellent institution (insert bowing and scraping gestures here).

Next post: A computer versus Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in a special three-day round of Jeopardy!

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