Instant Research Monday (?)

So, two things went wrong with the last post. (1) I didn’t spend enough time vetting a name for my proposed weekly Monday post. “Statistical Analysis Question Monday” is probably more likely to alienate, rather than attract, potential readers. (2) I didn’t evaluate whether or not I’d actually be able to post every Monday (I won’t/wouldn’t). As the more savvy reader will note, there’s one glaring problem with this post: today is a Thursday, and not a Monday. Also, the title for this post should probably be more apologetic. To answer that, know that I wanted to get this out when I had time, and could actually sit down for a moment, rather than quickly hack something out.

So, I’ll try to get some more more posts up soon. I am adding on more work, though, with post-doc applications, as well as one client for the Buddin Research Dynamo, with another immediately following. Good times straight into the holidays, no? Cheers!



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