Shiny New Web Site!

The Official Buddin Research Dynamo Web Site was launched yesterday, and I have to say that I am absolutely ecstatic.

It’s my first attempt at a site, and I built it myself! Well, sort of. I built it with the help of Apple’s, which pretty much did all the heavy lifting for me, by removing the need to learn and/or understand css and html code. Nice.

The heart and soul of the Web site is to provide a service to students and professionals looking for consultation or help with research, data analysis, and all other things research. I am also offering general tutoring for research methodology and statistics for those who find themselves at a “stuck point” in those classes (which represents most of us, at some point in time).

To put it simply, I really dig research and stats, and I dig teaching those topics. The Buddin Research Dynamo is my way of translating those affections into a resource for students. Please go stop by and poke around. This is a fairly new site, and I’ll be adding content as regularly as my own work and research schedules allow, so bookmark it and check back every now and again!


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